Call 902-695-3002
Call 902-695-3002

Water Treatment

In addition to a wide range of plumbing work, we also provide complete water treatment service packages to ensure your homes comfort and safety.

Water Softeners & Filters

Hard water can cause alot of damage to your homes plumbing system. Advances in todays water treatment equipment have profound effects on the life of your plumbing system & fixtures. Contact us today to inquire on how we can help with your water treatment needs.

Drinking Water Safety

Our drinking water is something we sometimes take for granite.  Wether it comes from a well or supplied by the towns of New Glasgow, Stellarton, Pictou or Antigonish there is a risk of contamination. Whole home filters and UV lights are an extra layer of protection to ensure we have safe drinking water for our home. Call 902-695-3002 to schedule your consulation today.

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